Alison Mair-Pascal General Manager/Director

Alison Mair-Pascal

It was Alison Mair-Pascal’s long-cherished dream to work in the food industry that led her down this particular yellow brick road. A passion for travel and epicurean adventures along the way cemented her desire. After working in the Advertising Industry for a decade and handling multi-million dollar accounts across the Caribbean, the love for good food and fine wines finally won out. She decided it was time to follow her dream.

Alison teamed up with Chef Khalid Mohammed to do something – though they weren’t sure where exactly that yellow road was taking them at the beginning! For years they had shared a common passion for food. They chatted on several occasions, discussing what was missing from the local Trinidadian restaurant landscape; the type of space they wanted to create; the type of food no-one was doing. Out of that, the magic of Chaud Café was born.

On a day to day basis, Khalid is responsible for the food. Alison handles everything else bar, staff, promotion, purchasing and the general day to day management of the Café.